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Golden Wings  
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The Golden Wings organization was founded as a way to keep the American Airlines Flight Engineers together as we moved on towards the end of our active careers.  We have had many gatherings at conventions and I will look forward to posting pictures from future events or any of your favorites that you send to me to be posted.

The Current Officers are:

President - Dino Degaspari        Vice President - George Stahl     

Secretary - Rita Frasca                Treasurer - Frank Accardi

Questions? email:  dino104@juno.combillolympus.png

Check out future activities coming up as well the the future issues of the Golden Wings Newsletter which I hope to post electronically and avoid the mailing costs.  If you have any stories you would like to share with the other fellows please forward them to me so I can post for all to enjoy and remember.  And speaking of remembering, don't forget we're the ones that kept them flying!


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